Friday, 14 July 2017

Tuesday 11th - Thursday 13th July

A cool for mid July 9 - 20C  mostly sunny with light easterly winds

Thursday 13th July

New South Promenade - Barrel jellyfish, many brown shrimps, many sand gobies, common prawn, several green shore crabs, blennie, a cushion star, common otter shell

Solaris Centre - 3 Small white, meadow brown, large white butterflies, cinnabar moth caterpillars

Marton Mere LNR - Bittern, 3 teal, 3 kestrels, buzzard

Stanley Park - 4 Great crested grebes

Wednesday 12th July

New South Promenade - 20 Sandwich terns, 9 barrel jellyfish, many brown shrimps, bearded rockling, several green shore crabs

Solaris Centre - 3 Small whites, red admiral, small tortoiseshell butterflies, blue tailed damselfly

Marton Mere LNR - Bittern, snipe, curlew (over), 2 lapwings, 2 kestrels, 4 teals, 750 starlings (roosted), red admiral, meadow brown, speckled wood butterflies, 10 brown hawkers

Stanley Park - 4 Great crested grebes

Tuesday 11th July

Marton Mere LNR - 5 Shovelers, grey wagtail, buzzard, kestrel

Stanley Park - Grey wagtail, 2 great crested grebes
Barrel jellyfish - a small one!
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EVENTS - National Whale and Dolphin Watch - Saturday 29th July - Sunday 6th August See here for local details - FREE

North Blackpool Pond Trail - Big Butterfly Count - Saturday 29th July 1pm - 3pm meet at the Kincraig Lake bird viewing area - FREE 

Marton Mere LNR - Moth & Bat night - Saturday 5th August 8.30pm - 11.30pm meet at the old cabin at the west end of the nature reserve - FREE

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